Spring Energized Seals

The Ultraseal line of spring actuated seals is the newest generation of sealing products made from PTFE, UHMW and other high performance polymers. These seals consist of a precision engineered jacket and a corrosion resistant spring that provides initial and long term sealing force.

Rotary Lip Seals

Made from highly wear resistant PTFE composites for long life, low friction sealing, high surface speeds, non-lubricated conditions and soft shafts. Available with metal support.

Seals for Food and Pharmaceutical Service

Made from FDA approved materials for contact with food, pharmaceuticals and other viscous products where sterilization and prevention of contaminates are of utmost importance. Minimal dead volume.

Metallic Seals

Used as static seals for gases and fluids under extreme conditions: temperatures from -320�F to 600�F, pressures up to 70,000 psi, ultra high vacuum conditions.

Machined Components

Custom machined parts made according to customer supplied drawing and specifications. Parts can be produced from PTFE composites or other advanced polymers.
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